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Why is Poobah important?

Our Story

The world is in need of strong families to help build a society of moral leaders and socially-conscious citizens - especially in the current environment. Conversations in the home are a key ingredient to educating and developing our children while strengthening our family relationships.

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Poobah has 250 professionally designed playing cards across five unique categories. The fun and engaging game play provides a relaxed environment where the conversation will flow from start to finish. Your kids will keep coming back for more.

QUALITY TIME: Create moments that matter by having fun and meaningful conversations with the most important people in your life. Deepen your relationships. Learn about yourself and others. Instill confidence in your children. Have real, tech-free conversations. And be prepared for many laugh-out-loud moments.

MADE BY PARENTS FOR PARENTS: Poobah was designed to be a fun parenting resource to strengthen children’s emotional intelligence, share and learn from personal stories, improve confidence and decision making, voice opinions, listen to different perspectives, showcase creativity and role play situations.

SIMPLE GAME PLAY: Get the game rolling in seconds. Players can follow the structured rules to compete against each other to become the Grand Poobah or simply draw cards as perfect icebreakers and conversation starters. Just open the box and create your own adventure.

PLAY IT ANY TIME ANY PLACE: A portable, tech-free game that is perfect for the dinner table, game nights, family gatherings, car rides, classrooms, camping, plane trips, summer camps…and much more!

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