How to Play

Standard Rules

Objective: Receive the most votes to be crowned the Grand Poobah.

Game Play

  1. Select a player to start the game as Poobah.
  2. Poobah draws a card and reads it to the group. Each player (excluding Poobah) provides a response to the card.
  3. Poobah votes for his or her favorite response by writing down the name of the player on a ballot and placing it in the ballot box. Keep the votes confidential until the end of the game.
  4. Rotate the role of Poobah and repeat steps 2 and 3 for three rounds. A round is completed once everyone has played the role of Poobah.

Winning: At the end of the game, empty the ballot box and tally the votes. The player with the most votes is crowned the Grand Poobah. In the event of a tie, draw a new card. The tied players respond to the card with all other players voting for their favorite response. Repeat until the tie is broken.

House Rules

Shake things up by creating your own rules. Below are some suggestions.

The Booty: The Grand Poobah determines the “booty” or prize such as having a special dessert or planning a fun activity following the game.

Party Pooper: Poobah may dismiss the drawn card and draw again.

Poobah’s Day Off: Play without the role of Poobah. All players respond to the drawn card and then submit a vote. No voting for yourself.

Closing Time: Change the length of the game by having more rounds with small groups or fewer rounds with large groups.

Alternate Ending: Draw a name from the ballot box to determine the winner. Go Rogue: Break all the rules and draw cards to have great conversations.