Our Story

What is Poobah?

Poobah addresses a trend in our society dealing with the deterioration of quality family time, authentic human connections and mental wellness.

We would love to have you join our mission to unite people through the power of conversation. Our hope is, TOGETHER, we can make a difference in this world – one family at a time and one conversation at a time.

Poobah is a fun card game that brings people together through fun and meaningful conversations. The family-friendly game includes 250 playing cards divided across five categories: Emotions, Topics, What Would You Do, Debate and Activities. The game is specifically designed to:

Poobah - The Conversation Game

…and most importantly, spark laughter and make the most of our time together. Thousands of memories are shared in every box!

Why is Poobah important?

The world is in need of strong families to help build a society of moral leaders and socially-conscious citizens - especially in the current environment. Conversations in the home are a key ingredient to educating and developing our children while strengthening our family relationships.

For many of us, we are stressed, overwhelmed and exhausted from our everyday lives. Competing priorities have minimized the importance of family time and many of our most important relationships have suffered as a result.

Research suggests that conversations are good for the spirit, brain and health of all family members as they are linked to:

Poobah - The Conversation Game

Poobah can be the prompt to spark fun and meaningful conversations.

Our hope is, TOGETHER, we can make a difference in this world – one family at a time and one conversation at a time.

How was the game developed?

We created a game called "High-Low-Silly-Smart" to play with our kids where each of us would share the high and low points of our day as well as something silly and something learned throughout the day. These games ignited our conversations and our kids wanted to proactively play the game. We all learned more about ourselves and each other - building stronger bonds among everyone involved.

The conversations expanded with new content and rules, so we developed a prototype of a game - which has been modified and improved through the loving feedback of our friends. Then, something magical happened as the game spread throughout our personal network with great success. For instance, a father to both his own and foster children provided this feedback:  

"We have welcomed a college student who grew up in foster care and was homeless his senior year of high school. He’s never experienced family and really appreciates the dinner routine and conversations with Poobah. It has helped him realize the power of family he’s never had. Thank you for that gift!"

After seeing the impact it was having on our own families and the lives of friends, we felt compelled to bring Poobah’s mission to a larger audience.

Poobah - The Conversation Game